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sleek magazin issue #56 winter 2017/18

sleek magazin issue #56 winter 2017/18
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sleek Winter 2017 As the  #metoo revelations and protests by the Preis der... mehr

sleek Winter 2017

As the  #metoo revelations and protests by the Preis der Nationalgalerie’s nominees demonstrated, gender discrimination and feminist lip-service are alive and well in Berlin. And in this regard, the latest figure of attack is arguably the “influencer”, a typically young, typically slender white woman with an avocado fixation and reams of Instagram followers influencing – well, its not really clear what.

Thus for this issue of SLEEK, we’re going beyond this problematic construction to identify people we think are re-shaping culture and transforming existing notions of identity and politics in the digital age.

    Artist, musician, poet and activist, Juliana Huxtable talks poetry and politics.
    Activist blogger Museum Mammy reinvents The Metroplitan for the 21st Century.
    New York Magazine’s (in)famous art critic Jerry Saltz talks to us about his controversial trolling strategies.
    Federico Reyes shoots our menswear editorial, “Daddy Cool”.
    We catch up with Anne Imhof to discuss the runaway success of her Venice biennale show, “Faust”, and how she is coping with (art) stardom.
    Agnieszka Polska provides an exclusive portfolio for our Cabinet.
    Curator, RoseLee Goldberg contributes “The Last Word”.

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